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Brass Dragon Turtle Statue with Ba Gua

Brass Dragon Turtle Statue with Ba Gua

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The Dragon Tortoise a mythical animal made of the two celestial animals, the Dragon and the Tortoise, is a smooth blend of ambition and wisdom. It is a feng shui symbol of support from important people, as well as an increase in wealth luck. Because it is such an ideal amalgamation of the qualities of both the dragon (perseverance and valiancy) and the tortoise (steadfastness and stability), it is a fantastic figure to instigate career luck and job development, defeating competition and reviving reputation.

The bagua is a powerful symbol in feng shui that represents the eight areas of life: wealth, fame, love, creativity, helpful people, career, knowledge, and health. 


Measurement / Weight:

12cm x 11cm x 12cm / 0.6kg

Material: 100% Brass

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