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Brass Three Legged Toad

Brass Three Legged Toad

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The three-legged toad is probably the most auspicious symbol of money making. There are a couple of myths associated with the origins of this belief. In fact, according to Chinese mythology, the three-legged toad is said to exist only on the moon, which it succeeds in swallowing during an eclipse.

Recommended Use & Placement:

  • The best place to place the Three-Legged Toad would be one of the corners diagonal to the main door of your home or workplace. And the toad should be looking at the door as though expecting to greet in the wealth chi.


Measurement:  10cm x 10cm x 7cm
Weight: 520g
Material: 100% Brass. Handmade, fine craftsmanship. Made to last.
**Brass is the best materials for making feng shui ornaments. Its magical magnetic subject brings Chi/ good vitality into its surrounding surroundings. A superb brass statue can be a chunk of artwork, including extra enchantment into your private home ornament.

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