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Ten Emperor Coins Charm

Ten Emperor Coins Charm

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What are the Ten-Emperor Coins?

For many centuries, Chinese coins have been a very desirable icon, signifying prosperity and owning many riches. The coins from the Qing Dynasty, the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history, are the most highly valued.

Of all the Chinese dynasties, the Qing was the most glorious and strongest. During the Qing dynasty which lasted for almost 300 years, the Chinese imperial system was perfected and reached its zenith of influence and power. It is during this era that China’s borders were extended farther than they had ever been before. Because of the period these coins are from, they are said to be extremely auspicious and powerful.

Ten-Emperor Coins consist of the coins during the reign of Shunzhi (顺治 1644-1661), Kangxi (康熙 1662-1722), Yongzheng(雍正 1723-1735), Qianlong (乾隆 1736-1796), Jiaqing(嘉庆 1796-1820), Daoguang(道光 1820-1850), Xianfeng(咸丰 1850-1861), Tongzhi(同治 1862-1874), Guangxu(光绪 1875-1908) and Xuantong (宣统 1909 - 1911) ten emperors in Qing Dynasty.

Feng Shui Functions of Ten-Emperor Coins: 

  • Improve Luck: having the Ten-Emperor Coins can greatly improve your luck.
  • Improve family fortune: put a string of Ten-Emperor Coins in living room, office, shrine or other places to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster.
  • Bring in wealth: place a string in the wealth corner, vault or safe.
  • Protect you and keep you safe: Ten-Emperor Coins are auspicious items. You can put a string in vehicles such as car and ship to decorate and keep you safe.
  • Exorcise evil spirits and ward off calamities: Ten-Emperor Coins can be hung on the bag or carried along to ward off evil spirits. If you clash with Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter, you may use it to exorcise evil spirits.
  • Bring good luck in gambling: those who often gamble can wear a string of Ten-Emperor Coins for better luck in gambling. This is mainly because the Ten-Emperor Coins are good for wealth while gambling is an activity that requires both luck and technology

Recommended Use:

Commonly used as an Interior Rearview Mirror Decoration Hanging Ornaments Accessories in the car for good luck and protection.
Material: 100% Copper 

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