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Five Emperor Coins with Wind Chime Charm

Five Emperor Coins with Wind Chime Charm

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Two of the main reasons wind chimes are used is because they create sound energy vibrations and bring in the metal element.

First, sound is one way that feng shui practitioners shift the energy of a space. A wind chime can even be used as a space clearing tool to remove negative energy and welcome in new, positive energy. When a wind chime creates sound vibrations, they move through the spaces and objects to shift the energy. Metal wind chimes are especially effective at cutting through any stagnant qi.

The second reason is to bring in the metal element. Metal wind chimes are an easy and beautiful way to add the metal element to your space. Metal element represents clarity, efficiency, and joy. If your intention is to call in these metal element qualities, look for a metal wind chime. Metal is also connected to speech and being able to articulate yourself, so a metal wind chime can help activate an intention to speak up for yourself or communicate more clearly.  

Material: 100% Brass

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