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Five Wealth God Solar Powered Nodding Head Statue

Five Wealth God Solar Powered Nodding Head Statue

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"Five Wealth Gods" is a popular Chinese belief in feng shui and folklore that there are five gods who represent wealth and prosperity, and that their presence in a home or business can bring good luck and financial success.

The statues of the Five Wealth Gods are often placed together, with each god holding different symbols of wealth such as a gold ingot or a money bag. They are also often depicted as smiling and holding up their arms, as if inviting wealth and good fortune into the space.

The Statues "nodding for wealth," and is a common phrase associated with the Five Wealth Gods. Statues of these gods are sometimes designed with heads that move up and down, as if nodding, to symbolize the gods bringing wealth and prosperity to the space. In feng shui, it is believed that placing these statues in a prominent location facing the entrance of a home or business can attract wealth and success.


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8.5cm × 8.5cm × 11.0 cm / 0.17kg

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