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Obsidian Heart Sutra

Obsidian Heart Sutra

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The Heart Sutra is a powerful and inspiring teaching that can help you cultivate wisdom, compassion, and inner peace. By understanding the concept of emptiness, you can learn to let go of attachment to material possessions and negative thought patterns that may be holding you back in life. By embracing the Heart Sutra's teachings, you can gain greater clarity and insight into your own beliefs and values, and develop a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. Whether you are looking to improve your personal or professional life, the Heart Sutra is a valuable tool that can help you unlock your full potential and live a more fulfilling life. 

Obsidian is a crystal that does wonders for improving self-image and enhancing self-esteem. For those with confidence issues, such as shame or shyness, Obsidian will induce personal development and allow you to overcome any obstacles in your way. It will protect you from any negative forces or bad intentions, and will rid your mind of any ailments such as depression or stress.

This is a powerful cure to have in your home whether you are seeking to improve your inner well-being through the wisdom of the Heart Sutra or looking to enhance your self-esteem and protect your energy with the power of Obsidian.  

Measurement: 8cm diameter

Weight: 680g

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