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Brass Ba Gua / Pa kua Mirror

Brass Ba Gua / Pa kua Mirror

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The Ba Gua / Pa Kua Mirror is probably the most well known of all the feng shui symbols of protection. The mirror is believed to reflect whatever bad vibes or energy is coming against your house. Thus, if a sharp or pointed or hostile structure is directly facing your main door, then placing the Pa Kua Mirror directly above your door facing the object/ structure will send all the bad energy back to where it came from.

There are 3 types of Pa Kua Mirror:

  1. Convex Pa Kua: convex mirrors protrude outwards, and these mirrors reflect and send back bad the negative energy.
  2. Concave Pa Kua: Concave mirrors are depressed inwards, and they absorb and draw in all the bad energy into themselves.
  3. Flat Pa Kua: Flat mirrors are the most common and these neither absorb nor double any bad energy being reflected.

Recommended Use & Placement:

  • It must be hung outside your home, and it must face out. It must never face in, and it should also never be hung anywhere inside the house, since it sends out powerful killing energy of its own that will hurt residents who confront or face it directly.

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