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Titanum Steel Protection Necklace

Titanum Steel Protection Necklace

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Whether you're looking for a unique piece of jewelry or seeking to integrate spiritual tools into your daily life, these titanium steel necklaces is a powerful and meaningful addition to your collection.

We hope you find what you're looking for among our selection of feng shui products, and that they bring you joy and positive energy. 

Phurba Dagger:

The phurba is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist tool that represents the power to overcome negativity and obstacles. Made from strong titanium steel, this phurba dagger necklace is both a talisman and a piece of jewelry.

Wearing this necklace can serve as a reminder to stay focused and centered, and to protect yourself from negative influences. The multiple-sided blade of the phurba represents the three poisons of ignorance, attachment, and aversion, which the phurba can help to transform.

Vajra Scepter:

The vajra scepter, also known as the dorje in Tibetan Buddhism, is a powerful and symbolic tool made of hard, durable material and designed to resemble a thunderbolt or diamond. Used in various spiritual traditions, it represents the indestructible nature of enlightenment and embodies strength, stability, and clarity. Additionally, it is believed to bring good fortune, success, and protection, and serves as a lucky charm that enhances confidence and well-being.

Material: Titanium Steel

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