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Brass Wealth Bowl

Brass Wealth Bowl

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A feng shui wealth bowl is a collection of items that you put together to help you attract more money into your life. It is meant to be displayed so that you see it often, reminding you of the wealth you want to bring into your home and life. Many business owners keep one next to their cash register to increase sales and business. But you can also have one displayed in your home to signal to the Universe that you’d like to attract more overall wealth and prosperity for your whole family.

The practice of keeping wealth pots, vases, jars or bowls in homes to enhance wealth luck has been performed by the wealthy since ancient China and is still widely seen in successful business environments across Asia. A Wealth Pot, when full of gold ingots, coins, and precious jewels, represents the accumulation of wealth and symbolises never-ending good fortune.

measurement: diameter 12cm x 11cm  

weight: 750g

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